Thursday, September 21, 2006

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kodak EasyShare P712

Kodak is aiming high into the “superzoom” category with its EasyShare P712, a 7.1-megapixel digital camera. It has a 12x optical zoom that gives you the equivalent of 36mm-to-432mm of long-lensed goodness. Also along for the ride is a 2.5-inch LCD screen as well as a high-rez electronic viewfinder and 30fps 640x480 video capture capability.

Kodak touts the quickness of the P712’s autofocus system, where you can focus, click and capture a frame in less .07 seconds. The f2.8 - f/3.7 Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon 12x zoom lens has optical image stabilization, helping you hold it nice and still, especially when you’re shooting with a long lens.

Dell Latitude D420 Ultraportable

Dell made an offhand comment about it last month, and now his company has officially rolled out the Dell Latitude D420, a 3-pound lightweight laptop made of magnesium alloy and packing an Intel Core Solo processor that the company claims will last seven hours on a charge.

The 12.1-inch widescreen notebook’s pricing starts at $1379, and will include wireless broadband capability from Cingular or Verizon in the US and Vodafone in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, and its built-in WiFi system claims to be ready for the upcoming 802.11n spec. It also has a “WiFi catcher” switch that can serve as a hotspot sniffer without turning on the laptop. With a couple of pointing devices, plenty of USB ports plus a 1394 port, this one looks like a winner.

Motorola Technicolor Phones

So, kind of out of the blue Motorola has launched some products at CommunicAsia2006 today. Included in the launch are the appealing W375 (pictured) and the W208. These small and low-end cameras weigh only 3 ounces and the W375 includes a VGA camera and FM radio, and the W208 has the FM radio, but no camera. Motorola is taking a page out of, uh, their own book and continuing with a smooth and slim design similar to the PEBL and RAZR. These two models of phones should be coming stateside later this year.

Motorola also unveiled quite a few other goodies, including a portable Bluetooth car kit, portable power pack, SoundPilot Bluetooth Stereo controller, more PEBL colors and some other average candybar phones. Hit the linkage for full details on all of the releases.


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