Monday, June 19, 2006

Philips' S880 Clamshell Phone

The Philips' S880 a new recruit into to the latter's camp. Being touted as a music phone (since those are so great), the S880 features a number of audio-centric capabilities to please the ever-discerning ear. The 128MB of of memory make it easy to store all the MP3s and MIDIs you could ever want on a cellphone, ensuring you'll have a separate ringtone for all of your wacky friends.

Like pretty much every other cellphone out there nowadays, the S880 comes equipped with a camera of marginal quality; 128x104 pixels of VGA love await you. Feel free to transfer those photos (and ringtones while you're at it) over the USB 1.1 connection. Not USB 2.0, but then again, it probably won't take long to fill the 128MB anyway. There's the assorted odds and ends, like SMS messaging and terrible games as well. For a 2.8-ounce GSM clamshell, the Philips looks fairly solid.



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