Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Kodak's EasyShare

So, you've just finished unwrapping that Kodak EasyShare One camera that Santa left for you, and you're all set to share some pictures via WiFi. Unfortunately, Kodak's only solution for doing so is via the company's EasyShare Gallery, which isn't so easy if the rest of your pics are on flickr. Fortunately, Phillip Torrone over at Make has put together a tutorial for sending those shots over to flickr, using no more than a a Mac running Automator (which is built into the latest version of OS X).

At the heart of the hack is an Automator action written by Fraser Spiers and modified by Torrone, which searches for files sent to your Mac from the digicam and automatically uploads them to your flickr account. Of course, to get this to work, you'll need a Mac, though we assume that at this very moment, some enterprising EasyShare One owner is frantically working on a VBScript or command file to get this going under Windows.



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