Monday, January 02, 2006

12-hour Digital Voice Recorder w/ Wireless Remote

This is the next generation in voice-recorder technology. In fact, this is the next generation in SPY technology. The big difference is that this one does things you won't find on most other high-end recorders on the market. It gives you an incredible 12 hours of recording time. It gives you FM radio. And best of all it gives you the first remote microphone. Just set it in a hidden area and leave the room. The voice recorder does the rest. Come back later and hear every last secret without anyone knowing. You can even hook it up to a phone and record conversations (not legal in some states).

Adapter for phone tapping is included. Need to e-mail a recorded message right away to someone important? Just plug it into your computer and you'll be able send files within seconds. Also includes rechargeable battery. It doesn't get any better than this: A voice recorder that does all this at a cost that is far less than most other basic models. Also includes two audio cables, USB cable, earphones, phone jack, software and strap.



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