Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Rimax Virtual Vision Glasses 3.0
Goggle box

There’s really only one drawback with flatscreen TVs: the price. A 36-inch LCD will empty your bank account faster than a masked villain with a sawn-off and a bad attitude. Ok, so they might look tasty hanging on your wall and there’s no denying the ‘wow’ factor it gives your living room.

There is another way, though, and one that does away with pesky interruptions during your favourite films. ‘So, err, how much was it then?’ and ‘I’m thinking of getting a plasma, although the wife wants a new car’ will be a thing of the past once you strap these puppies on.

The Virtual Vision 3.0 glasses strap to your skull and deliver the equivalent view of a 36-inch TV direct to your quivering eye sockets. It sounds like witchcraft but we assure you it isn’t.

The Visions, you see, have an internal LCD screen, so not only do you get your very own personal cinema, you also have the best picture quality money can buy into the bargain. ‘And what of sound?’, we hear you ask.

Well, the fiendishly clever Vision 3.0s have that licked too, thanks to a set of stereo earphones that sit snugly in your ears while you’re wearing the glasses. Perfect. And there’ll be no accusations of Feng Shui abuse, either, since the glasses can be stowed neatly in a drawer or some such. Flatscreen TVs? Pah, who needs ‘em…



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