Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mini Alcohol Breathalyser

Look at your dad at the annual family xmas party. There’s a man who’s had a little more than he should have. Look, he’s pretending to be a gorilla. Hilarious. Car keys, please dad. Thanks.

Now while most of us have the good sense to stay away from the booze when we’re expected to drive, others use it as a unique way of avoiding getting behind the wheel of an evening. Here’s the plan: you drive to the pub.

Consume copious amounts of booze and if that’s not enough to convince everyone you really shouldn’t be driving, then break out the Alcohol Tester and show them just how sozzled you really are. Hey presto! Instant driving avoidance.

The Alcohol Tester, we should stress is not recognised by the long arm of the law, so if you’re going to use it to try and explain to the traffic police who’ve been following your weaving vehicle for over 2 miles that you’re well within the legal limit, then don’t, because they won’t have any of it, we can assure you. If, however, you want to test your mate’s claim that he’s consumed 18 pints of Stella and can still stand upright, then this is the perfect gizmo for you.

Team alcohol with a hot, sunny day and the Alcohol Tester becomes doubly useful, since it’s also home to a UV sunburn indicator, which will tell you when to cover up as you sink another large G&T. Probably the best gadget in the world…



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