Tuesday, January 10, 2006


For a gadget everyone will goggle at, you can't get much better than the TV Watch. This remarkably lightweight little number is quite astounding. The key to this miniature marvel is its 1.5" wide high-resolution TFT (Thin Film Transistor) colour screen. Weighing in at a paltry 45g, it can either slot into a neat cradle on its wristband, or slide into a re-charging docking station which is powered either by batteries, or you can plug it into the mains. The TV antenna has been very cleverly inserted into the headphones, just plug 'em in and tune in to your favourite programme. Blisteringly simple to use, the TV Watch will play for an hour on a full charge, and three hours when used with its mini docking station, which can be powered by the mains or batteries - so when you're out and about you'll never run out of juice, and never miss your favourite TV ep! It's quite possibly the most head-turning (or should that be tuning?) gadget we've ever seen.

There are different PAL systems to choose from when tuning in your TV Wristwatch, you must ensure that it is on PAL 1 to get any reception within the UK. Please read the manual for further information. Reception can be adversely affected or prevented if you're too far from broadcast stations, or if you're too near buildings, mountains, underground areas, and other locations that may block the signal. As a result, video and audio may not be clear. Reception can vary depending on location, and in common with other portable devices suffers from a lower resolution than static devices.



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