Thursday, January 05, 2006


GPS technology is normally associated with satellite navigation systems.

But others are looking at innovative ways of tapping into the potential of GPS.

Celestron has taken its background in making telescopes, to come up with a handheld gizmo that can identify thousands of objects in the sky.

The SkyScout uses GPS technology to work out the location of celestial objects that can be seen with the naked eye and find out what it is you are looking out.

"It is like a planetarium except that you are actually looking at the stars," said Celestron's Jennifer Adams.

The unit has a built-in database with some 6,000 entries. But it can be updated via its USB port or the SD memory card slot.

"Say there is a new comet discovered, you can download the information from our website," she said.

The product has been in development for three years and is expected to hit the shops in the US in March.



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