Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Sony's Aibo robot dog behaves like a puppy when it is first activated. But it "learns" new behaviour as it spends more time with its human owner.

The RoboCup football championship features robots playing the beautiful game with different leagues for different robot types. A special ball is used which contains sensors that "talk to" sensors in the robot.

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA, scientists have designed a robot called Kismet that can have realistic conversations with people.

Kismet is capable of seven different facial expressions and can vary the tone of its voice. It also adjusts its gaze and the angle of its head to look at the person it is speaking to.

A robotic head built by a Scottish company can judge how pretty a woman is. It works by examining faces to determine how feminine or masculine they are. It doesn't work on men because their attractiveness is not based as much on looks, supposedly.



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