Thursday, January 05, 2006


Eastman Kodak Company has introduced the world's first dual-lens digital still camera, the Kodak Easyshare V570 zoom digital camera.

Using proprietary Kodak Retina Dual Lens technology, the V570 wraps an ultra-wide angle lens (23 mm) and an optical zoom lens (39 - 117 mm) into a package less than an inch thick.

The innovative Easyshare V570 camera's ultra-wide angle lens coupled with its optical zoom lens produces a total 5X optical zoom range, providing more options to help today's picture takers capture the perfect shot - group photos, scenic landscapes, dramatic portraits, and close-ups.

Mary Hadley, general manager - digital cameras, Consumer Digital Imaging Group, Kodak, said, "Today's picture takers expect high-performance features in an attractive package. Kodak is first to give them a coveted, but previously unavailable ultra-wide angle lens in a pocket-size camera. Capturing high quality photos with maximum ease-of-use are at the top of people's lists when buying a new digital camera. By delivering on these needs in a completely new way, the Easyshare V570 camera pushes the boundaries of innovative design for ultra-compact cameras."

In addition to its dual lens design, the 5-megapixels V570 camera boasts a variety of features like in-camera panorama stitching, which automatically combines three pictures into a panorama photograph. Using the ultra-wide view in panorama scene mode, people can take in a 180-degree vista with just three shots - an industry exclusive.

Advanced video performance makes it easier for users to shoot all types of action with an ultra-wide angle. The Easyshare V570 camera records TV-quality video, up to 30 frames per second (fps) using advanced MPEG-4 compression. Built-in image stabilization technology reduces on-screen shaking from unintentional hand and camera movement. The camera also offers an optical zoom feature for video including auto focus.

The V570 has a 2.5-inch, high-resolution LCD screen, color science image processing chip for image quality, automatic red-eye reduction, on-camera cropping, picture blur alert and auto picture rotation.

Features also include twenty-two scene modes plus three color modes; photo frame dock 2, which provides one-touch picture transfer to a connected computer; 32 MB of internal memory; and an SD card slot for additional storage.



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